playstation 4 - Legit as Hammer Pants

PLAYSTATION 4 & Hammer Pants: The Culture of The Next Best Thing

I've been thinking about technology and Hammer Pants lately. The field of technology is unparallelled in growth and succession, while fashion is changing so much that I am starting to feel really old, and I'm only 29.

What was awesome yesterday is now obsolete, and what we wore yesterday is no longer cool, so we are continually redefining ourselves in order to stay in tune with our cultural "norm".

Think about the iPhone for example. I have friends who have successively purchased each type of iPhone as it comes out. It seems as though only a couple years have passed since the original iPhone, and yet here we are with millions of shoppers rushing and lining up to purchase the "newer version" of their current phone.

Hammer Pants were once the craze of the nation. I remember my mother used to wear them and I thought she was so cool. I rocked my British Knights almost as well as I wore my parachute threads.

So I have to admit that the PS4 will probably happen, while Hammer Pants will most likely stay in seclusion, but it's more of an allusion to another big topic, one that is even more exciting and relevant:

Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

What better news do we have than to know that no matter what direction our culture points, no matter how many times we reinvent our way of life, that Jesus will still be the same, and is eternally unchanging. Christ's transcendence of our cultural fluctuation is a source of encouragement and joy for me.

What kind of feelings do you have in relation to the unchanging Christ?

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